Before I start: I’m assuming you already have the power turned on and have the majority of the map open! Make sure you are doing ONE bow quest at a time unless, in co-op, you can only do ONE quest at a time. Let’s talk a bit more about Der Eisendrache: How To Get The Void Bow.

Step 1 – Getting the Wrath of The Antients bow

Get the Wrath of The Antients bow which is done by filling up all 3 dragons with zombies which are located in the second courtyard by trap doors, the research lab and in the pyramid room, once these have been filled up as you go upstairs back towards the research lab, you will see a tomb and behind that tomb the wall has opened up revealing the Wrath of The Antients Bow.

Step 2 – Shooting The Purple Symbol

Head over to the double tap area and go to the gobble gum machine and look up or go upstairs onto the bridge on top of this and look for a purple symbol which you fully charge your bow and shoot, it will then drop an arrow, pick it up to proceed. See also this (“funny”) post about some historical Gaming Facts…

Step 3 – Head Over To The Trophy Room

Go to the trophy room and you will see a purple square on the floor, what you have to do here is melee kill a zombie near it and the floor tile will break, once it does and you see the urn interact with it and it will rise from the floor. Listen to the quote.

Step 4 – Finding All The Keepers Skulls

Find the keepers’ skulls, there are 6 of these scattered around the map you have to find them and pick them up, they are located next to Mulekick. When gaming, make sure you’ve got the right chair. Not every office chair will do. 

Upstairs from the courtyard with the clock tower on a nearby window sill on the right side walkway, in a sink across from the teleporter on the right hand side, the truck bed to the left of the rocket launch pad, in the chest in the bedroom and  right next to double tap on the corner of the wall/building. Head back to the trophy room and listen to the quote.

Step 5 – Making A Sacrifice

Here you have to make sacrifices in this room but it has to be crawler zombies so make around 6 crawlers and then listen out for the next quote. You will receive a series of names so make sure to memorize or write them down in the exact order they are given.

Step 6 – Collect Zombie Drops & Head Over To The Knight Room

You will now notice zombies dropping purple drops, you will need a few of these to continue so once you have got all of these – when they have stopped dropping – head to the knight room and interact with the knights that he said.

If you need him to repeat the names just go back and shoot the urn, go to the trophy room and once you have got all the symbols on the ground, shoot them in the order he said and listen to the quote and if he says “that is my name” you have done the step correctly. The skulls will go into the urn and create a light, once you see this light hold the interaction button on it until the arrow appears and pick it up.

The skulls will go into the urn and create a light, once you see this light hold the interaction button on it until the arrow appears and pick it up.

Step 7 – Head Back To The Pyramid

Go back to the pyramid, find your box, place your arrow and fill it up with souls and once it’s done place your bow and you will have your newly upgraded void bow! This really is the game that left me in awe. So I hope this explanation will get you ahead and helps to get you in the same mind frame it got me in.

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