Researching the best candidates for a position

Researching the Candidate – Pre-Game Warm-Ups
Resources to research candidates are at the fingertips of recruiters who have high-dollar recruiting budgets. Reports put out by companies such as Universum, provide information on “exactly” what is important to candidates.

For $600 to $10,000, a recruiter can find out which companies students choose as their ideal employers and why, why students have chosen you or your competitor as their ideal employer, what students think about their professional and personal futures and what they want to know about a career opportunity. Continue reading “Researching the best candidates for a position”

Set up your dual monitor computer desk

Do you have two monitors on your desk? – We know a dual monitor computer desk is important when dual monitors are becoming the standard setup. We are no longer fond of just having one monitor on our desk and because of this, we have to adjust to the fact that a better desk will be needed to accommodate this.

We’ve seen gamers go all out before and if you’ve watched youtube videos of them playing, you will sometimes see sweet multiple monitor setups. This is nothing new for 2018. Having more than 2 monitors is becoming a must. It enhances the gaming experience and makes you more focused on your gameplay. After all, who doesn’t like to have a 90-180 degree monitor set up? Continue reading “Set up your dual monitor computer desk”

Interview with Steve Salyer

This is an exclusive interview with IGE’s President, Steve Salyer. This revealing interview covers questions from the gamer’s perspective of EULA’s, their efforts to work with game publishers, and the future of the secondary market.

The selling and buying of items in gaming is a hot controversial topic these days. There is an abundance of information out there discussing the cons of such services, and numerous message boards topics speculating on the subject. Continue reading “Interview with Steve Salyer”

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review

You probably know that Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. The previews, the art style, the fast-paced fighting, all had us amped up to play this installment in the Dragon Ball video game universe.

With all this pressure heaped on the game, did it live up to my outlandish expectations, or would it crash and burn like many other titles in recent years? Let’s jump into this review and take a look! Continue reading “Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review”

Favorite Free Mobile Games

Here are a few of our favorite free to play mobile games. Yes, a lot of them do have in-app purchases and a paid version but the initial game is free to download and play.

Smash Hit 

Smash Hit is a game developed by Mediocre, where you have to travel through an other-world dimension and move in a harmonious way with music and sound while smashing everything that comes in your way!

This game requires concentration, timing, and focus not only to travel for as far as possible but as well for breaking the stunningly beautiful glass artifacts that are standing in your path.

The game includes 50, all different rooms that come with 11 individual graphics styles and realistically glass-breaking mechanic effects in each stage and there is gameplay that’s musically synchronized. The audio effects and music are changing with each stage and the beautiful obstacles will be moving to every new tune.

The latest version of the game now also contains local multiplayer game modes which are versus and co-op. Check out also this Der Eisendrache post.

This game does contain in-app purchases which cost around $2.32 – $2.35 per item and an optional one-time premium upgrade is offered that will open up new game modes, detailed statistics, cloud savings across various devices, and the option to continue from different checkpoints.  However, this game is ad-free!

Infinity Loop

Continue reading “Favorite Free Mobile Games”

24 Video Gaming Facts

There are lots of cool video game facts, some are common and others are not so known so today we are putting together a list of our favorite game facts!

1) Playing Games Improves learning capabilities

A new research study shows that playing action video games improves students learning capabilities. For example, the e-learning website Bestgedclasses encourages people who study for the GED test to play video games. They say, that when students play video games, the difficulty level increases gradually and teaches you to think strategically.

Your brain tries to find patterns, which strengthens it.

2) Kindergarten Cop In Silent Hill

In Silent Hill 1 the school was actually based off the school from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Kindergarten Cop. 

2) The PlayStation Is Atari

The PlayStation2 design is based off an antiquated Atari computer design (the Falcon-030 Microbox). When Atari went out of business, Sony acquired the rights to the patents of the design. Continue reading “24 Video Gaming Facts”

The Best 5 Simulation Games

Want to know our Top 5 Simulation Games of all time? Well, you certainly came to the right place, these are in no particular order and are just the ones we enjoyed the most though we are aware that this just our humble personal opinion.

1) The Sims 4

The Sims is a life simulation game where you can create a character, families, build homes, neighborhoods etc and live out life in a game form. You can get jobs, get married, raise children, buy homes, decorate homes, go out, meet other sims and basically everything you can do in real life.. just in a game.

The Sims is a game that offers endless hours of entertainment and with the ever-growing expansion packs, more just keeps getting added to the game and we will be honest, playing this game is rather addicting! Continue reading “The Best 5 Simulation Games”

VITA – The perfect all-digital machine

I’ve had a PlayStation Vita for some time now and I can honestly say that my time with it has been great. From Freedom Wars to Gravity Rush, and everything in between, I’ve been loving every second I have spent with it. All this time with it has uncovered something I’ve never thought I’d say. The Vita is a damn good, near-perfect, purely digital machine.

When I first got my Vita, I had about 6 months of digital games built up from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. I figured with all these games, jumping in on the Vita was well worth it and I was right. Continue reading “VITA – The perfect all-digital machine”

The 10 Hardest Game Achievements

Gaming is a great way to pass time and very fun but every so often those annoying achievements come along that make us true gamers want to scream and break our disks so today we have compiled together 14 of the hardest game achievements!

Gears of War 3 – Seriously 3.0

I myself am very close to getting this achievement because well, I went through a “no-life” period when Gears of War 3 was released but it is a nightmare! you have to complete all 65 Onyx medals and reach level 100. Continue reading “The 10 Hardest Game Achievements”