The Geronimo Stilton series is based on a bestseller that has been published in more than 30 languages and in over 100 countries worldwide. The series is following the adventures of a mild-mannered, very intellectual mouse named Geronimo Stilton, who prefers to be spending his days playing chess with Benjamin, his nephew, or reading some book.

However, adventure comes knocking on the door always which will launch them paws-first into capers in the most exotic of locations across the globe or in New Mouse City! Check out this “Operation Shufungfong” video:

While the Geronimo Stilton book series covers many different genres, the very animated series focused on fun, comedy, adventure, and comedy (yes, comedy twice!). The highly animated series centered on the adventures and life of Geronimo Stilton, the famous head of a veritable media empire, erudite mouse, and Benjamin Stilton, his young and fearless nephew.

An opportunity for a new adventure? A scoop? They’d better not miss it! Because they’re into news 24/7, Geronimo and Benjamin have the knack for finding a new subject and new information, anywhere and everywhere – even in the midst of the most incredible and dangerous situations.

They are often joined in these adventures by Trap, Geronimo’s cousin – the ultimate pack rat and consummate prankster, and Thea, Geronimo’s sister who is a daring special correspondent.

A healthy mind in… a clumsy body.
Geronimo Stilton is the Editor-in-Chief of New Mouse City’s most popular news blog and prints The Rodent’s Gazette, as well as the head of The Stilton Media Group. Although Geronimo Stilton is resourceful and endlessly curious, he is in no way an adventure seeker. He takes to adventure like a moose takes to ballet – not very well.

You see, Geronimo has two left paws – he’s a bit of a klutz, which is one of those hilarious features in an action hero who doesn’t really want to be an action anything. Things just don’t work the way they’re supposed to when Geronimo is involved. This is not one of the best games for iPad but absolutely worth the experience.

Geronimo has an encyclopedic knowledge that ALWAYS comes into play on adventures. Geronimo is wealthy beyond imagination, but you wouldn’t really know it by the way he acts or treats everyone else. He is also generous to a fault: need a helicopter? A jet ski? Or a yacht? Go ahead, you can take it. Geronimo has friends all over the world from the highest office to the most out-of-the-way places. It’s amazing all the people he knows!

Geronimo’s nephew – Adventure Mouse
Benjamin is one of the brightest 12-year-olds you would ever hope to meet. However, what he has in smarts, he lacks in experience, which will often put Benjamin and his uncle into tough spots. On the other hand, what Geronimo lacks in electronic know-how and physical skill, Benjamin is ready to fill in the blanks for him.

He loves and admires his uncle: he would like to grow up and be like Geronimo. Benjamin is a geek, never without his precious “Link”, an ultra-portable, handheld computer, a device similar to an i-phone with which he can surf the internet, interface with other computers, call-up maps, GPS, make calls, send emails, even shoot videos and pics…and play video games. For information about Unicorn Priest, check out this article.

Geronimo’s sister – Let’s Go !!!!!
Thea is a special correspondent for the Stilton Media Group. She isn’t much of an office mouse, she prefers to hang from tree branches and to scale building ledges to get the perfect shot. Appealing, athletic and tireless, Thea would kick the cheese curd out of Lara Croft any day. Thea can pilot nearly any type of craft, whenever Team Stilton is on a call, you can bet that Thea is driving the bus…or rocket car.

Geronimo’s cousin – The worst jokes are the best jokes
Trap doesn’t work at the Stilton Media Group, well not officially. At times he will get called upon by Geronimo to help out. He lives in an old caboose that he renovated himself and although a self-proclaimed ladies Mouse, he doesn’t take much care of his appearance. Trap is also a prankster. He has so many joy buzzers, whoopee cushions and sneezing powder packets he could open his own joke shop. Geronimo is often on the receiving end of Trap’s pranks and jokes, which is not so funny for Geronimo but very funny for everyone else.

She’s Geronimo’s arch-rival. 
She is the bad mouse of the series, the one that our heroes have to confront about 50% of our episodes.
She is the editor-in-chief of a tabloid media company called “The Daily Rat” and there is nothing she won’t do to get a scoop.

Around the world and in New Mouse City, Geronimo, Benjamin and the team will encounter and foil a variety of scoundrels, rascals, and general nogoodniks. The villains in Geronimo Stilton are generally misguided, greedy and petty (and often they have made a deal with by Sally), but they’re not pure evil.

It’s MY scoop!
Panic has taken over The Stilton Media Group. For the past several weeks, just when Geronimo is about to come out with a new scoop, Sally and The Daily Rat beats him to it! Is there a mole among the mice? When Talia Squeaks (world-famous teen singer) enlists the help of Geronimo and Benjamin to safely keep her hidden from the Paparazzi before the NMC Centennial Celebration Concert it’s a battle for our heroes to keep Sally from scooping the story!

Barry the Moustache
Strange! Sally has been missing for several weeks now. A kidnapping? Geronimo and Benjamin suspect that Sally has arranged her own disappearance to get her name in the press. But Thea has her doubts. For several weeks now, according to her sources, Sally has been investigating, “ Barry the Moustache ” who turns out to be a big-time criminal who isn’t fond of nosey mice getting into his business.

Operation Shufongfong
The Shufongfong, two very valuable lizards, have been stolen from the Museum in New Mouse City. Benjamin convinces Geronimo that he has to investigate the strange Prince Nogouda and his palace in the middle of the jungle. In the meantime, Nogouda has become smitten with Thea, giving Geronimo and Benjamin an opportunity to search his palace for the stolen Shufongfong.

The Mummy with no name
Professor Hire O’glyff, director of the New Mouse City Museum, asks our heroes for help to solve a mystery. For several weeks now, a mummy has been scaring visitors at the museum. Geronimo, Benjamin, Trap, and Thea don’t take too long before they find out what the mummy’s up to, the mummy is Shadow, a well-known art collector…

Paws off, you Cheddarface!
What’s the story? Geronimo is suspected to be guilty of serious offenses. After they did their investigations, our great heroes discover that Sally actually a Geronimo lookalike named “ Tortelius Strudel”, to destroy Geronimo’s reputation. However, Geronimo then decided to beat Sally in her own way at her game so he passes himself off in the character of Tortelius…