Favorite Free Mobile Games

Here are a few of our favorite free to play mobile games. Yes, a lot of them do have in-app purchases and a paid version but the initial game is free to download and play.

Smash Hit 

Smash Hit is a game developed by Mediocre, where you have to travel through an other-world dimension and move in a harmonious way with music and sound while smashing everything that comes in your way!

This game requires concentration, timing, and focus not only to travel for as far as possible but as well for breaking the stunningly beautiful glass artifacts that are standing in your path.

The game includes 50, all different rooms that come with 11 individual graphics styles and realistically glass-breaking mechanic effects in each stage and there is gameplay that’s musically synchronized. The audio effects and music are changing with each stage and the beautiful obstacles will be moving to every new tune.


Der Eisendrache: How To Get The Void Bow

Before I start: I’m assuming you already have the power turned on and have the majority of the map open! Make sure you are doing ONE bow quest at a time unless, in co-op, you can only do ONE quest at a time. Let’s talk a bit more about Der Eisendrache: How To Get The Void Bow.

Step 1 – Getting the Wrath of The Antients bow

Get the Wrath of The Antients bow which is done by filling up all 3 dragons with zombies which are located in the second courtyard by trap doors, the research lab and in the pyramid room, once these have been filled up as you go upstairs back towards the research lab, you will see a tomb and behind that tomb the wall has opened up revealing the Wrath of The Antients Bow.


Finding and Recruiting the perfect bright young candidates 

In today’s market, there is an abundance of candidates, but it is no easier now than it was in the late 90s to come up with a solution to finding and recruiting the perfect bright young candidates.

Curveballs are a constant in the annual hunt for ideal undergraduate and graduate candidates. A few years ago, the challenge was established companies, or “employment brands”, pitted against Dot-Com start-ups.

Today, fiascos like we’ve seen in the past, make building a case for your company’s employment brand much more difficult. And there is always the age-old battle between you and your competitor recruiting two or more of the same candidates.

In the end; you end up racing against the clock – trying to get an offer out to your “prototype” candidate before it is too late and your competitor has snatched her/him up. READ MORE

Researching the best candidates for a position

Researching the Candidate – Pre-Game Warm-Ups
Resources to research candidates are at the fingertips of recruiters who have high-dollar recruiting budgets. Reports put out by companies such as Universum, provide information on “exactly” what is important to candidates. So let’s take a closer look at what it takes for researching the best candidates for a position.

For $600 to $10,000, a recruiter can find out which companies students choose as their ideal employers and why, why students have chosen you or your competitor as their ideal employer, what students think about their professional and personal futures and what they want to know about a career opportunity.

Also available are students’ salary expectations, the best ways to communicate with different student groups, recruitment competitors in all of your key markets, your employer branding, and your employer image among students. Clearly, recruiters can be armed to the hilt with tools to get the best-of-the-best. READ MORE

Five tips to set up your custom gaming computer

There are a number of ways to have your computer setup, especially if you have the right desk. Here, we want to give you some ideas on how you can have a computer desk setup that best fits you. So check out these five tips to set up your custom gaming computer.

Our general guideline with the average computer setup is to make sure you have the space allocated for the computer you are using. Not only do you want to have space for your tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all your other accessories, but you also want to make sure everything sits in the place where you want it.

Here is a list you can follow that will help you get the perfect computer setup. Of course, you can modify anything on this list because it’s not set in stone.


Set up your dual monitor computer desk

Do you have two monitors on your desk? We know a dual monitor computer desk is important when dual monitors are becoming the standard setup. We are no longer fond of just having one monitor on our desk and because of this, we have to adjust to the fact that a better desk will be needed to accommodate this. Se let’s see how to set up your dual monitor computer desk.

We’ve seen gamers go all out before and if you’ve watched youtube videos of them playing, you will sometimes see sweet multiple monitor setups. This is nothing new for 2018. Having more than 2 monitors is becoming a must. It enhances the gaming experience and makes you more focused on your gameplay. After all, who doesn’t like to have a 90-180 degree monitor set up?

As for work or school-related projects, having a dual monitor computer desk can make life easier. With a set up like this, you are capable of multitasking and getting projects done faster. Wouldn’t you like to feel great working in such conditions? These setups keep you laser-focused on the task at hand and keep you going by having all the information you need on 2 screens. You don’t have to jump from page to page or program to program. This is why a dual monitor computer desk is a must in 2018.


Difference between gaming chairs and office chairs

When you think of an office chair, you don’t really envision that same chair for gaming. The fact is, they both serve the same purpose. Both allow you to sit comfortably for a long period of time to keep you productive at work or comfortable while playing games. The issue relies on the end user experience. So let’s take a look at the difference between gaming chairs and office chairs.

The fact that everyone is built differently in body shape and form, requires you to find a chair that will accommodate your specific needs. If you have a long torso, you will need a high support chair and if you have a small torso frame you wouldn’t need or depend in a high support chair. Same goes with leg length and overall body size.

Because of this, a chair that might be comfortable for someone that is 6 feet tall will not have the same comfort and great experience as a 5’7” person. That’s why it is important that the chair you buy will have adjustable lumbar and reclining support. Not all chairs have these features and we wouldn’t recommend getting chairs without them even though there are third party chair accessories that can accommodate for the lack of these features.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review

You probably know that Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. The previews, the art style, the fast-paced fighting, all had us amped up to play this installment in the Dragon Ball video game universe. Learn more in this Dragon Ball Xenoverse review.

With all this pressure heaped on the game, did it live up to my outlandish expectations, or would it crash and burn like many other titles in recent years? Let’s jump into this review and take a look!


Simply put, Xenoverse nailed the feel of the show dead on. The cell shaded art style keeps characters true to their on-screen alter egos and the sounds from the fights sent chills down my spine as I hear them for the first time in a long time.

The music that plays during the opening credits and during battles also deserves a round of applause. They both fit the Dragon Ball universe very well and the battle songs sure add that extra tension that is found in every battle during Dragon Ball Z’s episodes.


The 5 best computer chairs for gaming

We’ve gathered the top 5 computer chairs for gaming in order of rating and user experience. We’ve read all the comments and came out this conclusion from gamers like yourself that have used these specific chairs. These are the 5 best computer chairs for gaming:

Open Wheeler

The Open Wheeler chair is one of the best chairs in the market. With its sleek look that comes with white and black leather covers, it comes to no surprise that this chair is our top pick. Pro gamers use these chairs while in tournaments for a reason. It comes with adjustable height and armrest.

Adjustable backrest and recliner that goes down to 170 degrees with rocking tilt functions. It has high back support with lumbar cushion with a hard pillow included. The high-quality cold cure foam, synthetic leather, and metal base make this a sturdy chair that can endure any intense gaming. We loved this chair when we got our hands on it. Personally, I own this one.


VITA – The perfect all-digital machine

I’ve had a PlayStation Vita for some time now and I can honestly say that my time with it has been great. From Freedom Wars to Gravity Rush, and everything in between, I’ve been loving every second I have spent with it. All this time with it has uncovered something I’ve never thought I’d say. The Vita is a damn good, near-perfect, purely digital machine. So let’s take a better look at the VITA – The perfect all-digital machine.

When I first got my Vita, I had about 6 months of digital games built up from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. I figured with all these games, jumping in on the Vita was well worth it and I was right.

I have sung the praises of the Vita on many occasions and I don’t want this piece to be about that. Collecting all of these digital titles have shown me how much going strictly digital benefits the Vita. When I travel, I don’t have to worry about bringing a collection of game cases, or even a game card holder.